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Sourcing of Faucets from India

Few of our European Buyers approached us to source Faucets from India. They are aware that the costing in China is escalating year by year and they need to look at alternative production facilities outside China.

Our team has a combined experience of 25 years in Faucet Industry and we have a Global understanding of the productions processes and our team is aware of each and every standard followed in the world.

With that knowledge we Identified few quality factories in India and they started production. We managed the production process and our inspectors did Quality Inspections so that the customer got a very good quality product. After the product was made ,our company took the ownership of the shipments and even exported to the respective buyer.

We provide the following services for you.

• Pricing

• Sourcing of your products as per designs

• In Production Quality Control.

• Final Product Inspection

• Dispatches

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