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Partner and Investor Search


Partner and Investor Search

We have embarked on a journey dedicated to helping entrepreneurs worldwide. We are a team of dedicated people who love helping people connect to create, build and grow new and existing businesses! We know that to be successful in today's world it's not always what you know, it's who you know and more importantly, who is your partner? Face it; there would be no Apple computer without Steve and Woz! We believe there is a little Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in all of us. The key is finding the right partner to help us unlock our potential.

If you first clarify your reasons for thinking about seeking investors or partners, you'll be far better equipped to manage the rest of the process. Determine which of the following best describes your needs. You need partners to:

  1. Bring new special skills (e.g., technical, marketing or financial) to the business
  2. Add new products, patents, property or production capability to the business
  3. Provide new capital to the business We can help you in
  • << Joint Ventures
  • << Strategic alliance
  • << Distribution alliance
  • << Contract manufacturing
  • << Due diligence