Trade Show Support


Trade Show Support

1. In country market visiting If you are interested in India, we have our representative, who understand diverse businessesand can take you around the country for face to face meeting with the right people With this targeted approach you don’t waste your precious time and money. .
2. Trade missions

  • •  We provide explicit assessment of market opportunities.

    ”learning experience in export marketing is an activity that allows participants to gain knowledge of a foreign country’s culture through direct contact with local business people .”

  • •  Facilitating market research.
  • •  Participants collectively devoting more effort to market investigation
  • •  Greater promotional impact on market.
  • •  Gaining access to high level business owners.
  • •  The opportunity to connect with existing and new customers, access key   decision makers, increase sales in international markets and exchange      ideas.
  • •  Providing wider and deeper contact coverage.
  • •  Develop new markets and implement marketing strategies across a broad     range of high-growth and emerging industry sectors.
  • •  Establish a professional high quality, trustworthy and mutually rewarding     relationship with suppliers, manufacturers, and foreign clients.
  • •  Raising general consciousness in the home country about foreign markets.
  • •  Providing important educational experience for inexperienced exporters.
  • • Providing beneficial intra-group exchanges and contact for experienced     exporters.