Discuss your Product or Service With Us

Market Research

Discuss your product or service with us and we can conduct the Market Research for your product in India and the world. Our Market Research includes.

  • Comparative Products & Services
  • Pricing considering Currency Dynamics
  • Distribution
  • Taxes & Customs Duty
  • Government Incentive
  • Legal Requirements
  • Potential Buyer
  • Potential Market Size
  • Risk Analysis

Market Entry Strategy

  • Entry into India
  • Entry into Global Market
  • Strategy Development
  • Local Office Setup

Market Entry
After the Market Research you will be able to decide if the opportunity is worth consideration. Post your agreement; take you through the next step.

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Partner and Investor Search

We have embarked on a journey dedicated to helping entrepreneurs worldwide. We are a team of dedicated people who love helping people connect to create, build and grow new and existing businesses! We know that to be successful in today's world it's not always what you know, it's who you know and more importantly, who is your partner? Face it; there would be no Apple computer without Steve and Woz! We believe there is a little Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in all of us. The key is finding the right partner to help us unlock our potential.

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Business Development and Sales

  • Indian Market
  • Global Market
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Business Development
  • Sales

Sourcing From India

You are an international company and want to source from India. We have

  • Market Knowledge about India.
  • Suppliers Research: Due Diligence of the Partner.
  • Outsourced procurement office for our clients in India.
  • Cost Effective and Efficient Process.
  • Technical Knowledge.
  • Negotiation Capability.
  • Manufacturing Follow through.
  • Quality Control.
  • Logistics.

International Relations

  • Overseas marketing
  • Export promotion
  • Brand development
  • Lead generation

New product launch

A successful new product launch takes research, planning and a skilled and knowledgeable marketing team. The product must fulfill consumer needs and provide an emotional connection through its promise and brand. Businesses often make the mistake of presenting new products to consumers without adequate research or strategic planning. Today’s savvy consumers demand products that satisfy them on many levels including quality, price, status and function. Prepare a new product launch strategy for the best chance of success with your new product. We do

(1) Brand development; (2) Public relations; (3) Brand launch

Trade Show Support

In country market visiting If you are interested in India, we have our representative, who understand diverse businessesand can take you around the country for face to face meeting with the right people With this targeted approach you don’t waste your precious time and money.

Trade missions

We provide explicit assessment of market opportunities. "learning experience in export marketing is an activity that allows participants to gain knowledge of a foreign country’s culture through direct contact with local business people."

Business Representation

Our business representation service offers a cost-efficient and low-risk alternative for entering the Indian market.

For many SMEs the market entry and market development in foreign countries is a considerable effort. Furthermore, market, country and language knowledge is often limited, as well as personnel and financial resources. To overcome these barriers, a local business representation could be a solution worth consideration.

Turnkey Projects For Plumbing Inudustries

Realistic India is helping some large business houses to make Entry into Sanitary Fittings and Plumbing related industries. We do complete turnkey projects for setup of Faucet plants both India and Abroad. We get into the minutest detailing of the Projects and suggested the right way to setup the factories.

Productivity Improvement For Plumbing Inudustries

Realistic India is help customers in Plumbing Industry to improve the performance of their existing processes. Our expert understands the problems in the process and suggest corrective solutions. Some times Customers face high defect levels and they take our advice for improvements. Some customers are looking at increasing production figures for which they hire our services.